Arsip Bulanan: Maret 2012

New Fly?

One of the animals around us the most is I don’t like is flies. winged animal that is always lively swarm of dirty things. so far, I only know two types of flies are “house flie”s and “flies Pig”, pigs fly is type flies great and is usually found in forests and it bite animals or human.
However, there were many types of flies in the world. actually, I don’t want to know, what kind of flies. But because in my yard that is located on the border of the forest, there is one type of fly that often perch on vegetations around my house. Until today, its kind of fly I dont’ know yet. Even from the internet I do not get any information related to the type of fly that often I see it.
This is a picture of the fly what i mean

For readers who are familiar with this type of fly well, so information me please 🙂